The importance of conversation: Everywoman Festival

Jun 23, 2023

Here at Fluus we understand the power of conversations—they spark change, empower, and amplify our voices. That's why we headed to Everywoman festival in Cardiff, the first ever women's health festival. We caught up with the speakers to understand why it's important for them to be involved: 


Julie Cornish - The Everywoman Festival Founder + Colorectal Consultant

"I want the Everywoman festival to be a place where women of all ages can learn about what is normal for their health, when to seek help and be signposted to evidence-based treatments. There is so much information available that can be confusing and direct them to products or treatments that can be expensive with little impact on their symptoms, when there are treatments available through the NHS that they may not be aware of. These topics can be difficult to discuss, even with friends or family, so by doing this in a relaxed and fun environment we aim to remove some of the stress of starting their journey to seek help. We’ve had a fantastic response so far and I can’t wait until EverywomanFest 2023."


Dr. Aziza Sesay - NHS GP, GP educator, Honorary Senior Clinical lecturer

"I'm really excited and honoured to be involved in a first of its kind women's health festival which is extremely needed. Women's and gynaecological health is still associated with a lot of shame and embarrassment - riddled with taboo and stigma leading to many suffering in silence and/or being diagnosed at a later stage when outcomes are poorer. We're ready to change the narrative in a big way - empower through education and connection because women's health determines the world's health. It's about time!"


Molly Fenton - The Love Your Period Campaign

“The Everywoman Festival is needed now more than ever. I grew up not being taught about my own body, and still today am learning things that I should’ve known over a decade ago, like what a vulva is and that women have 3 holes and not 2!”


Bethan Walters - SHRG NGO

“Your not so secret period. Talking about our periods is so much more than a biology lesson. At the Everywomen Festival we will discuss just why menstruation belongs in the agenda at the UN and anywhere decisions are made.”