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How can Fluus be absorbent and flushable?

Enter Flushtec®, an innovative technology. Flushtec® makes our pads 15% more absorbent than the market leader, yet it only breaks down when you flush. That’s because of the motion and the amount of water (100x more liquid than the average period).

What exactly is Flushtec®?

Flushtec® is the technology that makes our pads fully flushable. We use plant fibres and natural adhesives, which makes Fluus pads strong and absorbent when you wear them, but 100% biodegradable when you flush them down the toilet.

Can I flush the wrapper and peel papers too?

Abso-flushing-lutely! They’re made of the same material as our pads. Feel free to flush one pad, one wrapper and three peel papers in one go.

How absorbent are Fluus pads?

This product is 15% more absorbent than the category leader - designed and tested under lab conditions. But we’re a bunch of scientists, and tested by 1,500 members of our community pre-launch.

What are Fluus pads made of?

There are three parts to our pad:

1. Our super-soft topsheet is made of cellulose plant fibres (no plastic against your skin!)

2. Absorbent core and barrier are made from biodegradable polymers and plant fibres.

3. Bottom sheet is made from plant fibres. We use a non-toxic, plastic-free adhesive derived from tree sap.

Where are the pads made?

Fluus pads are manufactured in Italy. We’re looking at moving manufacturing back to London by the end of the year!

Have you taken into consideration Victorian pipes and their bends?

Our pad is equivalent to 12 sheets of toilet paper, so if you can flush 12 pieces of paper, you can confidently flush our pad.

Fluus pads are certified flushable in the UK, can I flush them abroad?

Whilst our pads are certified flushable in the UK, our materials are fully biodegradable and water dispersible anywhere in the world.

How does the Fluus pad break down?

The motion of water breaks the pad down, pulling the layers apart and loosening the plant fibres as it moves through the pipes. The pad is then treated along with toilet paper and sewage breaking down, turning into clean water, renewable energy and fertiliser at your local water treatment centre. Most period waste will hang around in landfill for over 500 years. Our pad is gone in a flush.

Have you spoken to the sewage and water companies?

We’ve worked closely with WRc (Water Research Centre) to get our UK flushable certification - the WIS 4-02-06 certificate, if you want to get technical. This is an independent, internationally-recognised certificate that gives manufacturers and consumers the confidence that our products are fit for purpose. 

Are you septic-safe?

We are septic-safe. We act like toilet paper if you flush us into a septic tank. The septic tank would require more frequent emptying with more mass introduced into the tank.

Are Fluus pads safe for oceans and aquatic life?

Yes. They are microplastic free, so will never pollute waterways or harm aquatic life.

Can I also throw Fluus pads in the bin?

We’d rather you didn’t. Fluus pads are designed to break down through flushing, and so a bin may not provide the right conditions for them to fully biodegrade. By flushing them, you know they will break down into clean water, renewable energy and fertiliser at your local water treatment centre.

Are Fluus pads suitable for people with sensitive skin?

Absolutely. Our pad has been tested for skin and vaginal sensitivity (in the same vegan lab used by LUSH), so is great for anyone with sensitive skin.

The pad itself is made from plant fibres and biodegradable materials with no added fragrances, harmful chemicals or plastic glue.

Are the pads suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes. There are no animal products in Fluus and we never test on animals.

How often should I change my pad?

We recommend changing your pad every 4-6 hours. On heavier days, or if you have been active and sweating, we recommend changing your pad more regularly.

When can I expect to receive my order? 

Standard delivery orders will arrive in 2-4 business days 

What’s your returns policy? 

Due to the hygiene nature of our products we don’t accept a refund for unwanted items. If you believe your items to be faulty please contact us at hello@wearefluus.com

How do I make changes or cancel my plan?

Firstly, make sure you have created an account here with the same email address you purchased with. Once you are signed in, head to 'manage my plan' where you can amend delivery dates, pause or cancel.

How do I view my loyalty points? 

You can view your loyalty points by logging into your account here.

How do I redeem my loyalty points? 

You can redeem your loyalty points by logging into your account here. Select the amount of points you would like to redeem (£2, £5, or £10) and a code will be generated. Only one code can be redeemed per order.