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Using science to create magic

Introducing Flushtec® technology

  • Made with Flushtec®
  • Fully Flushable
  • Microplastic Free
  • Zero Waste
  • 30% of period products are flushed. Why not make them flushable?

    Our pads are made from:

    Absorbent and flushable. Better for you and the planet.
    01 Plant fibres. Better known as our super soft and breathable topsheet. Keeps you feeling dry and comfortable.
    02 Biopolymer UpFlow Barrier. Aka our 100% biodegradable polymer core. Quickly absorbs blood and keeps it locked away.
    03 Tree sap. The non-toxic, water dispersible adhesive that keeps your pad in place. Better for people and the planet.





    How can Fluus be absorbent and flushable?

    We use Flushtec®, an innovative technology. This means our pads are 15% more absorbent than the market-leader, but only break down when you flush. That’s because of the motion and the amount of water (100x more liquid than the average period).

    What exactly is Flushtec®?

    Flushtec® is the technology that makes our pads fully flushable. We use plant fibers and natural adhesives which makes Fluus pads strong and absorbent when you wear them, but 100% biodegradable when you flush them down the toilet.

    Is it really flushable?

    Yes. We’ve got proof - the WIS 4-02-06 certificate, if you want to get technical. This is an independent, internationally-recognised certificate that gives manufacturers and shoppers the confidence that our period pads are fully flushable.

    Can I flush the wrapper and peel papers too?

    Yes, you can! They’re made of the same material as our pads. With Fluus, you can flush your pad, wrapper and peel papers. Welcome to guilt-free flushing!

    How absorbent are Fluus pads?

    Our pads are 15% more absorbent than the market leader. They’re designed for a medium flow, and have been tested to absorb up to 8ml of blood. (To give you a clearer idea of what this means, the average 5-day period produces 20-35ml blood)

    What are Fluus pads made of?

    Our pads are made of just three materials:Super-soft topsheet made of plant fibresAbsorbent biodegradable barrier that locks in bloodNon-toxic adhesive made of tree sapFluus pads are natural, biodegradable and fully flushable.

    How does the Fluus pad breakdown?

    The motion of water breaks the pad down, pulling the layers apart and loosening the plant fibres as it moves through the pipes. The pad is then treated along with toilet paper and sewage breaking down, turning into clean water, renewable energy and fertiliser at your local water treatment centre. Most period waste will hang around in landfill for over 500 years. Our pad is gone in a flush.

    Are Fluus pads safe for oceans and aquatic life?

    Yes. They are microplastic free and completely non toxic, so will never pollute waterways or harm aquatic life.

    Can I also throw Fluus pads in the bin?

    We’d rather you didn’t. Fluus pads are designed to break down through flushing, and so a bin may not provide the right conditions for them to fully biodegrade.By flushing them, you know they will break down into clean water, renewable energy and fertiliser at your local water treatment centre.

    Are Fluus pads suitable for people with sensitive skin?

    Absolutely. The pad itself is made from natural plant fibers with no added fragrances, harmful chemicals or artificial materials. We’ve had incredible feedback from user trials and customers, which you can read on our website.

    Are the pads suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

    Yes. There are no animal products in Fluus and we never test on animals.

    How often should I change my pad?

    At least every 8 hours. It could be sooner depending on your flow or if you’ve been exercising.