Embracing menstruation: breaking stigma, prioritising health, and protecting the planet

May 28, 2023

Do you know about Menstrual Hygiene Day? It's a worldwide initiative that's all about addressing the challenges of inadequate menstrual care. We're talking about things like a lack of education, outdated taboos and stigma, and limited access to menstrual products. These issues have wide-ranging impacts, negatively affecting education, health, and the overall social well-being of people across the world.

Breaking the stigma and rethinking terminology

The term 'hygiene' has always been closely linked to damaging stigma and taboos surrounding menstruation, as it brings to mind notions of cleanliness. During the 50th Human Rights Council of the UN, this connection was highlighted and discussed. Understanding the impact of language, the UN recommended a name change to Menstrual Health or Menstruation Day – an action we wholeheartedly support! We've also decided to embrace the name Menstruation Day. This change creates space for more inclusive and meaningful conversations about menstruation. It allows us to delve deeper into the issues of gender-based discrimination and create a supportive environment for everyone. It may seem like a small step, but it makes a massive difference. Let's keep the conversation Flushing going, shall we?

Neglected and overlooked

For too long, we’ve been overlooking and underestimating menstruation and the overall well-being of those who experience it. There's this huge stigma surrounding periods that results in limited education and insufficient support for individuals going through menstruation. As a result, people can be left without proper resources and support, which only makes managing their menstrual health even more challenging. It's about time we make a change and address these issues head-on.

Environmental consequences

We also need to address the environmental consequences. Transparency and accountability play a crucial role here. The lack of knowledge surrounding periods has significant environmental implications, particularly regarding the transparency of the environmental impact of period products. This lack of clarity enables major period product companies to evade responsibility for the materials they use and the subsequent burden of disposal placed on consumers. That's why there is an urgent need for increased awareness and understanding about periods, urging companies to prioritise environmentally sustainable practices and take their fair share of responsibility.

At Fluus, we've taken it upon ourselves to address the challenges surrounding period care by introducing flushable pads. Our innovative solution not only provides convenient disposal but also significantly reduces the environmental footprint associated with traditional disposable pads. By revolutionising the approach to period care, our aim is to make it convenient, transparent, and, above all, better for both you and the planet.