Five of the best eco-friendly period products (and which is best for you)

Dec 18, 2023

Five of the best eco-friendly period products (and which is best for you)

Eco-friendly period products are getting a lot of attention these days. With various options out there, it can be tough to figure out which ones are genuinely environmentally friendly and suitable for you. Let's dig into what makes these products a more sustainable option, and which are our top five favourites.

In this article we’ll be covering: 

  • What Makes Period Products Eco-Friendly?
  • Five of the best eco-friendly period products
  • Choosing the best eco-friendly period product for you

What Makes Period Products Eco-Friendly?

Eco-friendly period products are designed to minimise their environmental footprint throughout their lifecycle. They typically use sustainable materials, ensure minimal waste is created, and offer reusable or biodegradable options (which we love here at Fluus!) Most period products currently available in the market concentrate their sustainability efforts in two main areas: materials and longevity.

The majority of products focus on using eco-friendly materials like biodegradable and organic elements in pads and tampons. That's a step in the right direction, but they still might end up in landfill or get burned in incinerators, which ultimately is bad for the environment.

Then there are options like period pants, reusable pads, and menstrual cups. They're great because you can use them again and again, reducing harm to the environment. But even they can have some disposal challenges since the materials they are made from can also end up in landfills or incineration facilities, taking over 500 years to decompose.

There are some new products like Fluus period pads that are making a big difference. They're made from plant fibres, tree sap, and a biopolymers. When you're done with them, you can flush them! They break down into 3mm plant fibres and get turned into renewable energy and natural fertiliser at local water treatment centres.

Choosing eco-friendly products helps cut down on plastic waste in landfills, incinerators, and waterways. It's a small but great way to support a healthier planet for the future. This is just one reason who people should go eco-friendly with their period care!

5 of the best eco-friendly period products & which is right for you

  • Reusable Pads:
  • Reusable pads are a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to disposable pads. These pads are typically made from soft, absorbent fabrics and can be washed and reused over and over again. They are comfortable, save you money in the long run, and cut down on waste, big time!


    • Cost-effective: Say goodbye to buying disposable pads every month
    • Convenient: You can just wash and reuse
    • Less waste: Way better for the environment than traditional pads


    • End of life: Eventually, they might end up in a landfill or get burned due to the materials they're made from.
    • Cleaning process: Yep, it takes more effort to keep them clean and fresh.
    • Size and comfort: Some argue they’re not as comfy as regular pads.
    • Need more than one: You'll probably need a few reusable pads during your period, and so the upfront cost is a lot more than disposable products.

    DAME - Instagram

    DAME is our pic of reusable pads. Offering 4 different sizes and uses their unique patent-pending DAMEdry™ technology to keep you dry and prevent leaks.

  • Menstrual Cup
  • The menstrual cup has gained significant popularity as a sustainable alternative to disposable period products. Constructed from medical-grade silicone or TPE (rubber and/or plastic), these flexible cups collect menstrual fluid without absorption. The cup is folded, placed inside the vagina and positioned below the cervix, they create a leak-free seal through suction.

    One of the best things about menstrual cups is their reusability, lasting for several years and leading to minimal waste production. For those seeking durable, leak-free protection, and a more environmentally friendly menstruation experience, menstrual cups prove to be a great choice.


    • Saves you money in the long run
    • Fewer leaks 
    • Enjoy longer wear time, meaning fewer trips to the bathroom
    • It's a great option for those who suffer from thrush with traditional period products.


    • Cleaning takes a bit longer.
    • It can be inconvenient to empty when you're out and about or travelling.
    • Some people experience irritation. 
    • This option cannot be used with the contraceptive coil

    Challenges for some:

    • For people with limited mobility, insertion and removal can be difficult.
    • Finding the right fit might take some time and a bit of an investment.
    • The upfront cost can be hefty. 

    All Matters Organicup - Instagram

    Our top pick for menstrual cups is the All Matters Organicup. They've got three different sizes to cater to various needs, and they're also making a positive social impact with over 60,000 donations for the environment.

    Now, there's a rising trend in the menstrual world – the menstrual disk. These discs often have a higher capacity than menstrual cups and offer some unique advantages. Unlike the cup, menstrual disks sit in the lower vaginal canal without forming a suction around the cervix, making them suitable for contraceptive coil users. Additionally, you can have penetrative sex while wearing a menstrual disk. However, it's worth noting that inserting and removing the disk can be a bit more challenging and messier, and there are fewer size and shape options available on the market right now.

  • Period Pants 
  • Period pants offer a combination of comfort, convenience, and sustainability. They have absorbent layers which trap menstrual fluid, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day. They are not only reusable and machine-washable but also designed to last for several years. Period pants offer an excellent eco-friendly period solution that seamlessly integrates with your underwear options throughout your entire menstrual cycle.


    • Cost-effective in the long run due to reusability.
    • Less waste than traditional period products.
    • Great for those with limited mobility as period pants don't differ much from regular underwear.


    • While they're reusable and sturdy, eventually, they might end up in landfills or incinerators because of the materials they're made from.
    • You'll need more than one pair during menstruation meaning a large upfront cost.

    WUKA - Instagram

    Our top pick for period pants is Wuka – they've got a fantastic range of styles and sizes to suit different flows. Plus, they're a female-led start-up that's been at the front of the reusable period wear game since 2017!

    1. Organic/biodegradable tampons 

    Organic and biodegradable tampons are similar to regular ones, but they use organic and biodegradable materials. This makes them more eco-friendly and free from single-use plastic. If you want a sustainable period without changing your routine, they're a great option.


    • No harmful chemicals, fragrances, or dyes like some regular tampons.
    • Some brands offer a subscription service for convenience.


    • They can be slightly more expensive than mass market products, ranging from £6 to £12. 
    • Not all organic tampons are equally eco-friendly; be cautious of greenwashing.
    • Disposing of them in the regular bin might still lead to landfill or incineration.

    Daye - Instagram

    Check out Daye on Instagram – they make tampons from 100% organic fibres and use renewable sugarcane applicators and flushable wrappers.

    If you want a greener period option that's gentler on the environment and your body, consider trying organic tampons like the ones from Daye!

  • Fluus Flushable pads
  • Fluus flushable pads are a fantastic option for anyone looking for convenience and sustainability. These pads are made from plant fibres, tree sap, and biodegradable materials, which means you can flush them down the toilet after use – no mess, no fuss, and better for the environment!

    You'll love the comfort and absorbency these pads provide, giving you the peace of mind you need, especially when you're on the go. If you want a hassle-free and eco-friendly solution for your period, Fluus pads are definitely worth considering.

    Choosing the best eco-friendly period product for you

    In the end, finding the perfect eco-friendly period product comes down to what suits you best. It's all about your own preferences, lifestyle, and comfort. Take into account things like your flow, activity level, environmental impact, and cost when making your decision.

    You've got a bunch of great options, from flushable pads to menstrual cups and period pants. Each one offers its own special benefits in terms of sustainability and convenience. It might feel overwhelming with so many choices out there, but remember, it's okay to take your time and explore what feels best for you and the environment.