6 reasons to switch to Fluus in 2023

1. Flushable pads are a game changer

Our founders Olivia and Aaron set out to address the problem of permanent waste from period products by developing a biodegradable pad. However, they soon discovered that even biodegradable alternatives, like their mass counterparts Always, often end up in landfill, waterways or incinerators. Biodegradable pads still put the burden of disposal and waste on the shoulders of those using them, and don't actually solve the problem! This is why we design Fluus pads to break down through flushing –meaning no landfill, incineration, and no microplastics.

Disposal Fully flushable Not flushable
Microplastics Microplastic free 90% microplastic
Impact 2.7Kg CO2 per year 5.9Kg CO2 per year
Lifetime Regenerates into clean water, renewable energy + fertiliser Stuck in landfill for 500 years

2. Fluus is certified flushable with a first-of-its-kind technology

We wanted there to be absolutely no risk of our products blocking drainage systems and polluting our waterways, which is why we worked with The WRc Group when developing Fluus to ensure our product is 100% certified safe to flush. Our pads use a unique and innovative technology called Flushtec® which allows the pad to be both absorbent and flushable. Combining biodegradable materials and a first-of-its-kind manufacturing process, Flushtec has been tested against the Water Industry Specification and awarded the WIS 4-02-06 certificate, the official benchmark for UK flushability standards.

See it in action

Flushtec® technology ensures our pad only starts breaking apart when it's submerged in water and agitated – just like when it’s flushed.


3. Tried and tested for comfort and quality

Some believe that sustainable period products are less comfortable and underperform. Fluus pads don’t compromise. Our pads have been tested against industry standards and market leaders, and are proven to be 15% more absorbent than Always.

Made using 100% biodegradable materials

01 We use plant fibres for our super soft and breathable top and bottom sheet which keeps you feeling dry and comfortable.

02 Our patent-pending absorbent core and barrier allows blood to absorb quickly into the pad and then keeps it locked away.

03 Our adhesive that keeps your pad securely in place is derived from Tree sap and is non-toxic and water dispersible.

4. Convenient period care delivered to your door

Fluus pads are delivered straight to your door, meaning no more rushed trips to the shop or being caught short. And once you're done, flush the pad, wrapper and papers down the toilet where they’ll fully break down – no need to worry about access to period bins or awkward disposals!

5. Risk-free trial to make sure Fluus is right for you

We understand how important finding the right period product is, which is why we offer a free trial pack so you can see for yourself why Fluus is better for both you and the planet. Our subscriptions mean saving on your pads as well as regular deliveries that fit your schedule and cycle.

6. Products developed with you!

As a period care brand, our top priority is to provide the best possible solutions for those who rely on our products. Since founding Fluus, we’ve built a community of over 1,500 product testers who helped develop our first pad and continue to work with us on future product development. Listening to our community's feedback is invaluable to us, which is why we regularly test our pads with them, conduct surveys and engage in direct conversations to improve our period products to ensure we're providing the best period care possible. We're proud to have thousands more people choosing Fluus, and this comes from our commitment to creating high-quality products that genuinely fulfil the needs of those who use them.

  • Clean packaging, good size and comfortable feel, most importantly you feel good after using it.


  • Love that they are good for the environment.


  • So much more convenient than other more sustainable period products. Highly recommend.


  • Makes the soul sing a little knowing I am not putting the usual period products into landfill every month.


  • Since trying these pads, I could never go back to the mass ones. Makes my period so much easier!


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