No more period dramas!

Fully flushable, Microplastic free pads are here. Use code FREDDIE50 for 50% off your first montly box.

Why should I switch?

15% more absorbent than Always

Hassle-free disposal - no more bins

Regenerates into renewable energy and fertiliser

Microplastic free

Half the carbon impact vs Always

Period care without the waste

As seen in

Yes, we're
Flushing serious

For too long, people have had to use period products made of microplastics that end up in landfill with no Flushing alternative. Not anymore; we've innovated the only flushable period pad, so no need to worry about bins, plastic or permanent waste. In other words, a pad that's a lot more Flushing convenient.

Flushing time!

We all have a period pad horror story. But with Fluus, you can erase the memories of your trash traumas, knowing from now on, your pad will be gone in just a flush. Try the first fully flushable period pad today with 50% off your first subscription.

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