The perfect
first period

Fully flushable for stress-free disposal
Unique slim shape for ultimate comfort

"Flushable pads now exist and we're so excited. We only wish they'd been invented sooner."

"The future of femcare is here..."

"These flushable pads are super kind to the planet and will degrade before your next period."

Stress-free disposal

We know how stressful first periods can be - especially when you're at school or on-the-go. We developed Fluus to banish disposal-stress forever. Every part of Fluus can be flushed - including the peel papers and wrapper. Bin-free, worry-free disposal guaranteed. Just use, flush, forget.

Why should I switch?

15% more absorbent than Always

Hassle-free disposal - no more bins

Regenerates into renewable energy and fertiliser

Microplastic free

Half the carbon impact vs Always

Period care without the waste

Plastic free topsheet is hypoallergenic and provides hours of breathable comfort

Using 100% biodegradable materials, Fluus pads consist of three main layers

01 We use plant fibres for our super soft and breathable top and bottom sheet which keeps you feeling dry and comfortable.

02 Our biopolymer barrier allows blood to absorb quickly into the pad and then keeps it locked away.

03 Tree sap is used as our non-toxic, water dispersible adhesive that keeps your pad securely in place.

What happens after the flush?

The hydraulic action of the flush starts to tear the pad apart. Much like toilet paper, our pad breaks down even further as it travels through the drainage system. By six hours, over 80% of the pad will have dissolved or broken down into plant fibres the size of an eyelash. By the time the pad reaches the water treatment centre, it can safely pass through the screens where it is then treated and regenerated into biogas and fertiliser.

See it in action

Flushtec® technology ensures our pad only starts breaking apart when it's fully submerged in water and agitated – just like when it’s flushed.


Flushable pads are zero landfill, zero waste

Flushable pads are a revolution

Disposal Fully flushable Not flushable
Microplastics Microplastic free 90% microplastic
Impact 2.7Kg CO2 per year 5.9Kg CO2 per year
Lifetime Regenerates into clean water, renewable energy + fertiliser Stuck in landfill for 500 years

Using science to create magic

Fuss-free period care without the waste