Complete protection and comfort

Experience uncompromised comfort — make the switch to better periods for you and the planet.


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✔ Tried by over 15,000 people in our community

✔ Certified flushable (WIS 4-02-06)

Performance meets innovation

✔ 15% more absorbent than Always

✔ Leak-proof barrier

✔ Hours of breathable comfort

✔ Certified flushable

15% more absorbent vs Always

Reliable protection for medium flows

Microplastic free

The first (and only) microplastic pad in the world

Suitable for sensitive skin

Tested for skin and vaginal sensitivity

Zero waste

Our pads don't sit in landfill for 500+ years

Certified flushable

Hassle-free disposal - use, flush, forget

No nasties

No artificial materials, no added fragrances, no harmful chemicals

How the Trial works

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Try us for free with a pack of 3 flushable period pads when you sign up to a plan, just pay £1 to cover delivery.

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Uncompromised comfort and convenience of flushing - better for you and better for the planet.

Never run out of pads again

Your ongoing box of 15 pads will be delivered every 30 days. Cancel or change at anytime to suit your needs with just a few clicks.

Don't just hear it from us...  


"Absolutely brilliant...I have not leaked once even at night."
- Mandie


"So absorbent and convenient and literally everything you need in a pad."
- Ella


"I'm glad I am doing my bit for the planet whilst still being comfortable."
- Vicky


"They make me feel much more fresh than other pads I've previously used."
- Sophie


"These pads are so comfy and refreshing and it feels nice to be doing something good for the environment."
- Zineb


"Happy with how much they hold and how protected I feel when on my period."
- Rebecca


"These are so comfortable to wear...they are good for the environment and I'm happy they are not sitting on a landfill site for hundreds of years."
- Lindsay

Made with Flushtec®

✔ WRc certified flushable (WIS 4-02-06)

✔ Microplastic free

✔ Zero waste

✔ Zero landfill

✔ 100% biodegradable

✔ No added fragrances

✔ No artificial materials

✔ No harmful chemicals

✔ Regenerative

Frequently Asked Questions

How absorbent are Fluus pads?

This product is 15% more absorbent than the category leader - designed and tested under lab conditions. But we’re a bunch of scientists, and tested by 1,500 members of our community pre-launch.

What are Fluus pads made of?

There are three parts to our pad:

  1. 1. Our super-soft topsheet is made of cellulose plant fibres
    2. Patent-pending absorbent core and barrier are made from biodegradable polymers and plant fibres.

3. Bottom sheet is made from plant fibres (no more plastic against your skin), and we use a non-toxic, plastic-free adhesive derived from tree sap.

How does the Fluus pad break down?

The motion of water breaks the pad down, pulling the layers apart and loosening the plant fibres as it moves through the pipes. The pad is then treated along with toilet paper and sewage breaking down, turning into clean water, renewable energy and fertiliser at your local water treatment centre. Most period waste will hang around in landfill for over 500 years. Our pad is gone in a flush.

Can I flush the wrapper and peel papers too?

Abso-flushing-lutely! They’re made of the same material as our pads. Feel free to flush one pad, one wrapper and three peel papers in one go.

What exactly is Flushtec®?

Flushtec® is the technology that makes our pads fully flushable. We use plant fibres and natural adhesives, which makes Fluus pads strong and absorbent when you wear them, but 100% biodegradable when you flush them down the toilet.

How can Fluus be absorbent and flushable?

Enter Flushtec®, an innovative technology. Flushtec® makes our pads 15% more absorbent than the market leader, yet it only breaks down when you flush. That’s because of the motion and the amount of water (100x more liquid than the average period).

Are Fluus pads safe for oceans and aquatic life?

Yes. They are microplastic free, so will never pollute waterways or harm aquatic life.