Microplastic free, fully flushable pads

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Why Fluus?

15% more absorbent than Always

Hassle-free disposal - no more bins

Regenerates into renewable energy and fertiliser

Microplastic free

Suitable for sensitive skin

Half the carbon impact vs Always

How we compare

Disposal Fully flushable Not flushable
Microplastics Microplastic free 90% microplastic
Impact 2.7Kg CO2 per year 5.9Kg CO2 per year
Lifetime Regenerates into clean water, renewable energy + fertiliser Stuck in landfill for 500 years

Made with Flushtec®

• 15% more absorbent

• WRc certified flushable (WIS 4-02-06)

• Microplastic free, waste free

• Regenerative


Flushable pads are a game changer.

🩸 Use - as you would a regular pad

🚽 Flush - so your pad breaks down and regenerates into clean water, renewable energy + fertiliser

😌 Forget - that’s it! Unlike other pads, your Fluus pad won’t be hanging around in landfill for 500+ years

How to use

1. Remove paper from wings and back, and press firmly onto underwear.

2. Wear as you would a normal pad. Change every 6 hours, or sooner if you need to.

3. Place the pad in the toilet and flush. The wrapper and papers are also 100% flushable.

Delivered to your door

15 Pack (Monthly)

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  • Save 29% on your pads each month
  • Flexible - change, delay or cancel anytime


15 Pack (One-Time)

  • Order as and when you need
  • No upfront commitment
  • Delivered to your door


Don't just take our word for it...

  • Best thing ever! It's so convenient, way better than normal pads and honestly such an easy method to being more sustainable and doing your bit for the planet.


  • Not only was it incredibly liberating to be able to safely flush a pad without any fear of blocking the toilet or contributing to landfill issues, the pads were so soft to wear.


  • Makes life so much easier when out and about as not everywhere has a bin you can use.


  • Just knowing that I was able to flush these without harming the environment in any way made me feel so good about using them. 10/10 would recommend!!!


  • Feel a lot softer than pads I have used in the past. Love that they are good for the environment as I am always looking for sustainable products but have struggled to find ones that suit me.


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"Flushable pads now exist and we're so excited. We only wish they'd been invented sooner."

"The future of femcare is here..."

"These flushable pads are super kind to the planet and will degrade before your next period."